As the annual sale was cancelled due to covid some of our members are offering the option of private sales. You can contact the seller if you are interested in purchasing one of their products. The products are not juried but are created following guild standards used for the annual sale.

Sherry Stewart – Coniagas@shaw.ca



Are you interested in learning all facets of Handspinning from fleece selection through to Dyeing and Yarn Construction? The clubhouse is newly renovated!

Donna Telep – efy1@shaw.ca


  • 3D Silk Scarves
  • Silk Corsages w Beaded Hat-pins
  • Oak Sculptures
  • Non-Medical Masks
  • Jewelry – Beaded and Mixed-metals
  • Christmas Ornaments / Decorations

Renate Rathonyi Reusz – renates1229@aol.com
  • gnomes (figurines hand-felted from wool

Joanne Power – powerjoanne0@gmail.com


  • Artwork-wet and needle felted wool and and dyed silk landscapes
  • Wearables-merino wool and hand dyed silk/cotton Nuno felted scarves

Gretchen Hoff – farmerhoff@gmail.com
  • fibre for Spinning and Felting (Mostly Alpaca and Llama)
  • handspun yarn
  • classes on Color blending on drum carders

Judy Dixon – dixonjudy12@gmail.com
  • Hand-spun Yarns – various fibres
  • Woven items
  • Rugs – wool
  • Tea Towels – cotton
  • Baby Blankets – cotton
  • Dish cloths – cotton
  • Miscellaneous
  • Deer Antler Buttons
  • Magnolia Wood Buttons
Betty Stoesz – bettystoesz@yahoo.com
  • Hand-spun Yarns – various fibres
  • Knit toques
  • Woven – Chenille Scarves
  • Home-made Goats Milk Soap

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